The Legend of Bakshi Brown

(currently seeking representation)

Ernie McArtor—the screw-up with a heart of gold—is unemployed, heartbroken, and can’t stop talking to the ghost of his childhood sweetheart. He lives in memories of his idyllic childhood, raised by his faultless aunt and uncle. The part where his beloved Aunt Jill ran off mysteriously one night and abandoned him 15 years ago? Well, he still hasn’t gotten around to figuring out where that fits into his happy narrative.

When Ernie’s family gets pulled into an inheritance dispute, they desperately need to locate Jill. Ernie suspects their intentions for finding her are selfish and malicious. He soon learns his family has been hiding something that Aunt Jill left him—a copy The Legend of Bakshi Brown. Believing the childhood story is a clue to where Aunt Jill went, Ernie steals the book, desperate to find her and warn her of his family’s ill will.

Cash-strapped Ernie takes off on a journey across India, following the legend as a guide to Aunt Jill. But as he follows her trail and digs deeper into Jill’s mysterious past, he starts to uncover family secrets that threaten to unravel the sublime memories of his childhood and reveal painful truths concealed by time and nostalgia.

How much of his old bedtime story was magic and how much of it was a confession of Jill’s dark past?